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Plastic Injection Mold Process Engine Video
Our Process Engine
Using a scientific approach is the driving force behind our plastics manufacturing process.
Making Molds for Plastic Parts
Advanced Mold Making
Our Advanced Mold Making System and our own proprietary process engines.

Plastic Injection Mold Capabilities
Molding Capabilities
All Electric presses provide the most consistent shot to shot repeatability.

Plastic Injection Molds
About Our Process
Whether Simple or Complex, our process can deliver the parts you need.

Plastic Molds & Injection Molded Parts

Services that utilize the added benefits and consistency of all electric molding machines. With these machines we are able to quickly manufacture low cost, high quality molded plastic components for a variety of industries and applications.

A leading plastic mold manufacturing company dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and support for manufacturing the components your products require. Our unique system allows us to turn a 3D CAD model into fully functional production parts faster than anyone else. We offer a fast solution for quick turn, short run manufacturing, with most projects shipping in 15 days or less. Our system couples the speed of Proprietary Automation with the skilled craftsmanship of mold makers, equipped with the most reliable and repeatable manufacturing technologies.

Offering fast, economical solutions, eliminating the need for prototyping as the molds are production quality and the prices are often lower than prototype molds. These molds can produce an unlimited amount of quantities making them the best choice for projects with both small and large quantities.

At Xcentric, we were the first plastics manufacturing company to offer a Lifetime Mold Guarantee and assure an unlimited part supply for the life of your projects. No matter what your products need, Xcentric has you covered. Upload your CAD file and get an interactive quote within 24 hours.